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PGG Four Square™

This event is for everyone! Own the PlayGround and access your inner child while competing In the largest formatted Four Square Tournaments on the planet! In Cosmic Four Square “Size Does Matter!” With 100's of players constantly competing, it is sure to be a competition of epic scale on an epic scale!

PGG Bubble Soccer™

Check out the latest craze in high intensity, low impact, and crazy fun that is sweeping the nation! BUBBLE SOCCER. Bump into your friends while playing a variety of games including: Soccer, Sumo, King of the Hill, or Giant Soccer.

PGG Butt Bouncers™

Whether you’re 6 years old or 66, butt bouncers is a hilarious activity for everyone to try. Hold on tight to the handle and bounce your way around our courses, obstacles, or races. Greatfor team building!

PGG Giant Buckets™

PGG Giant Buckets is the ultimate playground hoop shot contest, in which a giant target is created out of 18 giant buckets. Participants are given four balls to try their luck. Multiplier buckets increase your score!

PGG Cosmic Bowling™

PGG Cosmic Bowling features: the cosmic lane, giant pins, bumpers, and giant ball. We can transform any location into a Cosmic Bowling experience. Because the balls are light weight anyone can play! Need a Cosmic Carpet Bowling tournament at your next PlayGround Games event?

PGG Giant Basketball™

This is the ultimate skill shot including an 8 foot giant basketball rim, and options of regular basketballs or giant basketballs. Set up a skill shot competition or a game of intense giant basketball with two giant basketball rims or a single hoop for SKILL SHOTS!

PGG Dodgeball™

Cosmic Dodge Ball is a hilarious, high energy, and creative spin on the classic gym class past time where no one gets chosen last for teams. Teams are certainly available, and we encourage you to go as crazy as you want with costumes, themes, and team names!

PGG Hula Hooping™

We take Hula Hooping to the next level here at the PlayGround Games. When you think you are just having fun we make prizes a must! Being able to keep the Hula Hoop rotating is a great way to have an amazing time with everyone involved!

PGG Giant Bag Toss™

How can you make Bag Toss even better? Make it GIANT of course. You and your closest friends will have a great time launching Giant bags at Giant boards. See how far you can fling the winning shot!

PGG GaGa Ball™

Take an inflatable octagon, drop in a group of players, and let the excitement begin. PGG GaGa ball courts are a favorite school yard activity which is loved by all. Watch where the ball bounces and make sure you’re not the last to touch it.

PGG Giant Jenga™

This 6 foot tower of balancing blocks is modeled after the favorite concentration game, life sized! See how high you can stack the blocks with friends while trying to avoid knocking over the tower.

PGG Obstacle Course™

PGG Obstacle Course is the ultimate, interchangeable, full body experience. You can customize your obstacle course to be tailored for your event. Standard obstacle courses are made of 4 components and an ending component.

PGG Bag Toss™

Form teams of two and try your luck at the only day and night event where the only thing you have to be good at, is throwing a bag into a hole. How much simpler could it get?!? This is a classic social, fun, and low skill range event for everyone!

PGG Musical Chairs™

When the music stops…GRAB a chair! PGG Musical Chairs features all the hottest music of the current time with a live DJ who calls the shots. Groups of 12-24 compete for an ever decreasing number of seats.

King PlayGround Says™

Who ever thought that doing an action after someone says "King PlayGround Says" would ever be hard? Well add plenty of distractions and wacky movements. You have created the "King PlayGround Says" phenomena. This event can be played with a large crowd of audience members, active participants, or a combination.

PGG Wacky Walkers™

PGG Wacky Walkers or as is affectionately known "BIG FOOT", places you against a group of competitors. You are to go down the course and back, while working to make two giant sized feet walk. Get those feet moving!

PGG Kick Ball™

Take teams of 12 on 12 and add in 6 foot tall bowling pins strategically placed throughout the field. Players take aim at knocking down the pins, earning extra points, while making their way around the bases of a standard kickball field.

PGG Giant Egg Carry™

Giant Egg Carry is an all time classic. The PlayGround Games has taken this fun activity to the next level by making the eggs you are balancing GIANT! Race your friends to the end of the course and back without letting them fall.

Cosmic Slip N' Slide™

Spring and fling yourself down the world’s first Cosmic Slip N’ Slide. Accelerating your body in a wet, slippery, and exciting way has never been so fun! Try to go the distance as our OFFICIALS measure how far you slide. Top distances will receive a fantastic prize at the end of this event!

PGG Hop Scotch™

Creating an artistic, fun, and high energy world is what the PlayGround Games does best. Creating larger than life Hop Scotch courses in which you can take your left and right foot on a journey across color, music, and lights!

PGG Tug of War™

This event will put 2 teams head to head with the goal of pulling your teams rope section over the line and winning the tug off! The team who wins 2 heats in a row will advance to the next round. Teams can be created by you beforehand or at individual PlayGround Games events. 4 team ropes also avaialble.

PGG Giant Soccer™

Inflatable Giant Soccer comes in 6 foot and 4 foot sizes. You can make this event cosmic as well by holding your event at night or in a dark facility. The ball will blink and glow to create an amazing event. Add this event to Bubble Soccer for extra excitement!

PGG Giant Ball Pit™

Jump, Flop, or Sink into the worlds largest mobile ball pit. With over 100,000 colored balls this epic event can hold up to 12 full sized adults! PGG Giant Ball Pit can also be added to a variety of other games as a creative and fun ending, or simply to add something unique.

Capture the Chicken™

A spin on your gym class, free for all. Teams locked in an epic skirmish where participants enter their opponents forbidden side, and attempt to capture the chicken, run back to their side, and avoid having their belt grabbed.

PGG Water Balloon Toss™

Grab a partner and see how far you can back up and catch the water balloon. This game is a blast and you might get soaked! Two FREE water balloons are included for each participant, with extra water balloons available for purchase.

PGG Potato Sack Races™

PGG Potato Sack Races are the ultimate throw back to field day on a hot summer afternoon. Looking at an open field or basketball court, in front of you are obstacles and prizes laid through out. Hop your way to the finish line!

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